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TravelTeamImages offers a range of services to cater for your every need

What our customers say about us ...

'I can always count on you to make my life so much easier during the long hours and intense focus spent on the Ascend magazine. Your images are the first I search through for each issue of the magazine because working with you is so very easy.'
Shari Manning, Design & Creative Services, Sabre Holdings

Cranfield Univerity's Aerade Newsletter selected AirTeamImages as their 'site of the month' in May '06 - read their review.

'Hello, my name is Nathan Dawson and just recently I placed an order for some photographs. Just sending you a massive thank-you, the photos are top class and the speed in which they got here was awsome! I will be using you again in the future. Thank-you.'

'By the way, hands down you have the best stock photo site for aircraft photography. You have a good variety, lots of closeup images, and so far the quality has been great. Lately, you're the first site I go to and if I find what I need, I don't look any further. Keep up the good work.'
Bill Waltz, Brade Waltz & Associates

‘A great website that does everything we want, and an easy team who are efficient to deal with; I recommend them’.
David Savile, CEO Air Partner PLC

‘If AirTeamImages were a football team, they'd be in the Premiership. The quality and range of photographs is exceptional’.
Richard Arquati, Senior Press Officer, Royal International Air Tattoo

‘ came to LOOP's attention when we were setting up the newspaper and looking for a photo library to work with. The website full of great images sold itself to us and we have enjoyed a fruitful and useful working relationship over the past three editions - and look forward to many more’.
Dave Calderwood, Editor-in-Chief, LOOP Publishing (UK) Ltd.

‘Thank you for all of your help in supplying us with stunning images for various promotional materials, such as our updated cargo charter brochure for the American market.
Air Charter Service has a large library of our own photos from charters over the years, however our design team are delighted to have Air Team Images to call upon when we require aircraft images of a superior quality. Keep up the good work!’
Andy James, Marketing Department, Air Charter Service

‘I have to congratulate you on the speed and efficiency of your organisation. Last Friday, 09/12/05 I placed an order with you for an etched glass picture, which I have received this morning. I am absolutely thrilled at having discovered you, and with the resulting product.
In this era of ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ customer service, you stand out as a fine example of how to get it right’.
Margaret Stokes

‘Access to images and their selection is logical and straightforward; without exception the variety and quality is first class, the speed of delivery excellent (never longer than 48 hrs) and the packaging secure and robust’.
Malcolm Wells

‘When we need urgent images of the latest civil aviation action around the world, we always head for AirTeamImages. Quick, professional and friendly, it is a pleasure doing business with them’.
Allan Burney – Editor, Aircraft Illustrated

  • Stock Images: TravelTeamImages has on file thousands of images - our website galleries are just a small sample of what we have available. In short, if you are looking for a particular subject, there is a very good chance we can supply a picture from stock - so please contact us if you don't see what you require.
  • Commissions: Should TravelTeamImages be unable to supply a photograph from stock, we will undertake to get the shot for you. We know where the subjects are, and our worldwide team of photographers will track down and get the picture you need.
  • Location Shoots: Do you have a special event coming up? Our photographers can be hired to work to your brief and ensure you get the special and unique pictures you need. We have experience in everything from air-to-air to portratiture, so whether you need pictures of your newest acquisition or your latest staff uniform, call the experts from TravelTeamImages.
  • Graphic Work: Sometimes your vision just doesn't exist in the real world. TravelTeamImages has experts in photo-manipulation and graphic arts who are able to transform your concepts into a photographic reality. Put subjects in the setting of your choosing; try out a new livery - the only limit is your imagination.
  • Prints & Gifts: Unlike many professional photo libraries, TravelTeamImages recognises the needs of the enthusiast. All of our images are available for purchase as high quality prints and posters for your personal collection in a variety of sizes together with many exciting gift ideas - and remember every print is supplied using only the full high resolution digital image. For full details of our product line, please see our Prints & Gifts page.

So who and why do so many use and trust our services?

Manufactures use our images to show their products at their best - be it for an in-house technical brochure or large global advertising campaigns.

Newspapers and news media agencies know they can download quality high-resolution news images without delay to meet their tight print deadlines.

Magazines know they can rely on us for the best in quality news and feature images to set their publications above others.

Television stations around the world use our images for various news and documentary programmes.

Publishers who need the very best images to illustrate a subject in a book or magazine.

Advertising agencies are, perhaps, our most demanding clients requiring the very highest quality resolution images together with that ‘wow’ factor that will bring their ads to life. We work on a regular basis with some of the world’s top agencies that know they can turn to us first for that dynamic image they require.

Enthusiasts can order prints, posters and many exciting gifts of all of our images and every single order is supplied using the full high-resolution image file so the quality is assured.

Prices and Terms

TravelTeamImages recognises that our photographs will be used for a diverse range of purposes by a wide range of organisations. Therefore, with the exception of our print service, we do not charge a set price for our images. TravelTeamImages can offer images under terms which best suit you, whether it be a small image on a web page or the front cover of a major publication. Our options include:

  • Royalty Free: we can sell you non-transferable rights to use the image wherever you like, as often as you like, for as long as you like. This is a good option for companies who may wish to use photos of their products in a mixture of reports, presentations and publicity materials.
  • Rights Managed: we sell you the use of a photograph for a specific purpose and duration. We can offer exclusive, or partially exclusive, use of the image for the an agreed period. This is often a good option for advertisers who want to ensure their image is unique and cannot be used by competitors.
  • Licensed: usually the least expensive option, like rights managed images these can be bought for a specific purpose, but like royalty free images, usage is non-exclusive. This might be appropriate for use in a work of reference or web page where there is no need to publish the image elsewhere, nor is exclusivity an issue.
  • Print Sales: print sales are offered to individual collectors on the agreement that such prints may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes.

Technical Matters

TravelTeamImages is possible due the Internet and high quality digital imaging. Together these allow us to offer a service which is global, fast and economical.

All TravelTeamImages pictures are supplied as digital files produced either from top end DSLR cameras or from high resolution scans of slide film. The one exception to this is our print services where we supply a print produced from a digital file using the best commercial printing service available.

As we work digitally, there are many possible variations to the file which we send you. By default, we will provide a high resolution image of not less than 2500 pixels by 1666 pixels (usually larger) which will have been adjusted for colour and sharpness as an uncompressed .jpg. In most cases, such a file will produce excellent results in print with no further modification, removing the need for any inhouse expertise in image processing.

However, we do appreciate that you may wish to post process our images to your particular needs. In such cases, you need simply specify your requirements (file format, colour space, sharpened/unsharpened) and we will supply the appropriate file.

On Image Size

An area which causes much confusion and debate is "how large does the image file need to be". Many still cling to a traditional value of 300dpi as necessary for the printing of high quality images. While this does not pose a problem for small images, large pictures would require files hundreds of megabytes in size which can be difficult to manage. In fact, in the digital world, it is possible to produce very high quality images from lower resolutions than traditionally associated with film based images. The primary reason for this is the fact that a digital image is usually "cleaner" (free from noise and grain) than a film derived equivalent.